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Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Cameroon and Africa-Get The Full Details About BitWorld Center Investment Helping People Becoming Millionaires

Bitworld Center members after a Conference.
Bitworld Center company is a Cryptocurrency(Bitcoin) investment company located in Brazil, created by Macio Silva. His company has a team of professional Cryptocurrency traders who mine and trade Bitcoins and also invest in other digital assets giving out 2.5% to the investors (you and I) from Monday to Sunday. Investor from more than 80 countries including Cameroon, Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Zambia, France, US, UK, Korea, Spain, Brazil, Pakistan, e.t.c letting citizens to become multimillionaires because of his Cryptocurrency Biz(Bitcoin).

Let Me Explain It As If I Was Telling A Story To Grand Mom

You will never touch a bitcoin that's why we call it a digital money. It varies with dollars and all other currencies on earth. It was created by Nagatomo Satoshi in late 2008 with a bitcoin at $0.25 and today at $6650. Late December, 2017 a bitcoin was $20,000 and we still hope it reach that same amount this year. 

This Is How People Invest And Earn At BitWorld Center Company

You only have to login to the website through a link given to you by your sponsor. There, you will find your sponsor's name at the top of of the page. Now if you have bitcoins to activate your account and start to get your daily bonuses from Monday to Friday, you can do so or ask your sponsor to fund your account using his/her Balance.

Now on your dashboard, you will find a unique link just above "Renovation" which is your own referral link where you can also use it to refer new members. When you refer a new member, the new member registers under you and 15% of the plan the new member chooses is given to you as your bonus for that investment. Example if the new member invest $260, $37.5 will be given to you and if you were qualified for binary bonus (People on your left and on your right), another $25 will be added to you. For binary bonus, click Network, then Pontos and select the side with zero points.

When you refer someone, the person sends you the equivalence of the invested amount in your local currency and you use your balance or your daily bonus of the same amount to activate the person's account.

Investment plans at Bitworld Center Company.
Contract Duration At Bitworld Center Company
At Bitworld Center, the contract duration is 120 days and you can recover your investment in 45 day while the rest of the days is your earning. E.g If you invest $500, in 120 days, you will earn $1500 though many still end their contracts in 3 weeks or a month. This can be done by referring new members and getting bonuses that will add up to give you $1500 within a month. Register under me (WHATSAPP 675421156) and I will teach you the magic behind Bitworld Center.

How to Withdraw At BitWorld Center

Each time you reach a package amount e.g $100 you can withdraw you money to you blockchain wallet which is just like your purse. You can register and download it here Blockchain then store your bitcoins to your wallet. Note that the company charges 10% of any withdrawal. To withdraw, click Bank account, then click withdraw and as you enter your wallet address, bitworld will not accept it. click the website that appear as you try to save your wallet. Create your account there by entering your new details. On the new website menu, click "request", and your Mybitpag wallet address will appear. Copy the address, go to bitworld center site, click bank account, then withdrawal and enter your wallet address, then the token two times and confirm. If you don't have a token then click generate a new token. Now go to the email you used during registration and collect it there.

Another method of withdrawal is already explained under "How people invest and earn at Bitworld center" below.

Monthly Activation at Bitworld Center Company

Each month or the same day you register, a message appears on your screen and the amount in red asking you to pay for a monthly activation in which the company uses to run the administrative affairs. This is just a small amount, paid in Bitcoin not your balance. If you don't have bitcoins, you can ask a friend to help you do it and you give him/her the money in your local currency.

Referral Bonuses at Bitworld Center

When you refer a new member, 15% of the investment is given to you as a Direct referral and when your first referral refers, 5% is still added to you and the third referral is 1.25% till the 5th generation. 

Certain Limitations at Bitworld Center

When you sign up for a Partner, Basic and Bronze accounts, you may not refer certain plans because your bonus from the referral may be more than your 135 days total bonuses and your account will be halted. So when you chose these plans, always refer new members with Basic and partner for partner and basic accounts and Bronze can activate all even plus Silver and Gold.

When you will join us, you will understand it even more better than I do. If you wanna join, Whatsapp me now 675421156 or click here Bitworld Center Cameroon for assistance and click my name Nshing Rooney to register, but contact me on the Whatsapp number before you register. When you register under me, I will help you boost your income. Contact me now.

Mine your own bitcoins  in 24hours to 6 days. Consider taking the risk and know that I am not responsible for any unforeseen circumstances during trading. Use this number 675421156 to Whatsapp for inquiries. Feel free to contact me 24h/7J

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